Applying procedural techniques to a little bit of dust.


Digital illustrations with a postmodern flair.

Interactive Drawings

Computer Graphics based on mouse interaction.

AnalogNoise |(or)| DigitalGrain

Crossroads betweeen light capturing using a material surface and the idiosyncratic workflows of digital image manipulation.

Self-portrait (an interactive Ecce Homo)

Intimate slit-scan, a tribute to Russell A. Kirsh (1929-2020), computer scientist and pixel inventor.

Particles sketches

Pieces of software that draw digital art.


The evolution & perception of color & sound in a digital environment.

Landscapes of error

The glitchy emptiness.


Analog Signal - Digital Signal - Analog Signal

Melting pot

A digital promenade through pictures from the early XX century's cultural events.

Uprising fonts

A cluster of beautiful messages.

Rhytmic patterns

A synchronized progression of solid elements with different affectations.

Organic pixels

Abstract animations with an organic flavor.