Organic pixels.

Abstract animations with an organic flavor.

From microscopic to macroscopic, from tiny to humongous. A transit from atomic to astronomical details. The first series, circular pinkish tunnels, are Lo-Fi pictures of bacteria grown in a Petri dish taken with a smartphone attached to a microscope and digitally animated in abstract loops using color correction, interpolation and depth techniques. The idea is to decontextualize while keeping the microspic appearance.

The second series, colors liquified, are a three dimensional exploration, following the previous premises, but driving the decisions from the computer with 3D software. The actions here should be adapted to the tool. Animating textures, cameras, materials and lights. Changing from atomic to a more 1:1 scale but keeping the organic look and feel.

The third series, terrain contour lines, is a recosntruction of a tridimensional model into a two dimensions space with vector lines. This vector data has been animated and colorized for mapping projection purpouses maintaining the organic notion of the overall animation.
When placing them all together the viewer makes a transition between granular details to the gigantic ones keeping this organic natural appeareance.