Hello! :) this is Arnau Tàsies. My first web animation was done in 2004 with Action Script 2.0 and Flash. I recall a clumsy rectangle and a graceless circle moving along the screen of my computer. Those animated pixels and the possibility to add interaction stuck something in my mind and made me start a professional & personal peruse flowing from different fields, projects and clients.
My works are, on one hand, computer / technology oriented using Non Linear Editing Systems, Digital Audio Workstations, Integrated Development Environment, Computer Assisted Drawing Tools, image / sound / text editors, MIDI, OSC, and custom software with different kinds of libraries and respositories. On the other, I use other analog technologies or devices for signal capturing (either light or sound). With a mathematical and organical approach I generate cultural content deploying an exploration around the concepts of: error, construction / deconstruction, palimpsest, procedural, parametrical, kinetism, ubiquitous coding, hacking, coding and decoding information, DIY, systems, networks and digital landscapes.
In between a digital artisan and a multimedia archeologist, formed as a graphic artist, self-taught programmer and equally software agnostic and software enthusiast.
I'm interested in an intimate relationship with technology and synthetic procedures for image and sound. This personal rubicon is probably caused by the technological / posmodern / liquid anxiety generated by the dictatorship of the upgrade and the fast paced technology evolution. Those who are not upgraded or don't stay up-to-date to the latest version in all kinds of heterogeneous devices will be ostracized, and well... doomed.