Interactive Drawings.

Computer Graphics based on mouse interaction.

Algorithms are leading us to a work automation paradigm where machines & software are used to complete repetitive, complex and dangerous tasks. Machines (and bots) are coworkers of human beings meanwhile programming languajes, commands and encoding processes are filled with variables and functions acting as translators between human languages and machine language.

Those graphical compositions and animations have been done using C++ libraries and are the result of mouse interaction with bits of code. Halfway between human and machine work. The results have been, later, encoded in image or video file by two different processes: either capturing the screen or exporting the result of the human interaction with the applet. To put it in other words, the outcomes presented here are a mix of machine operations and human movement captured with computer peripherals acting as auxiliary devices (mouse / keyboard / graphic tablet).

It is mesmerizing how two procedures can be captured at once, producing a hybrid result between machine and human. This process is even more overwhelming when the parametric properties of the code come into play. Changing a few parameters or variables drive to endless different results.